New Remix By Falafel Crunk (of Shitty CT's Crew)

Yan, lead MC of Shitty CT, has decided to start releasing his very own remixes. Combining Hip Hop, mostly Crunk influences, he brought a new edge to old songs.

So have fun d/l it all and spreading it forward to where ever possible. – Ding Dong remix – Pashut Mesubach remix

And a link to his myspace:

Check out Arak Ayalim song, label's favorite, a touching story about a Russian dude who gives up on Vodka over Arak.

Yan / Flafel Crunk
Yan / Falafel Crunk

Noa Faran – Tzarich Remix

Hey all,

We got some delightful three new remixes for you, for Noa's song: Tzarich:

# The Shimi Sonic Remix
a Sexy and unique interpretation from Soulico Crew member, producer Michael Emmeth. see also:

# The Sonic Fingerprint Remix (producer J Isle and guitar player Eran Segal)
a soulful, groovy interpretation. see also:

# Gad Baruch Remix (a.k.a DJ NeckbreakA)
a Funky swing-core interpretation which he referred to as "motivational", from one of the most brilliant brains arround. see also:

So have fun and D/L it over here:

Noa Faran from the Video of Tzarich
Noa Faran from the Video of Tzarich