Noa Faran – Tzarich Remix

Hey all,

We got some delightful three new remixes for you, for Noa's song: Tzarich:

# The Shimi Sonic Remix
a Sexy and unique interpretation from Soulico Crew member, producer Michael Emmeth. see also:

# The Sonic Fingerprint Remix (producer J Isle and guitar player Eran Segal)
a soulful, groovy interpretation. see also:

# Gad Baruch Remix (a.k.a DJ NeckbreakA)
a Funky swing-core interpretation which he referred to as "motivational", from one of the most brilliant brains arround. see also:

So have fun and D/L it over here:

Noa Faran from the Video of Tzarich
Noa Faran from the Video of Tzarich

Noa Faran – First Video

Hey all,

Tommorow, April 2nd, 2009, Noa Faran's debut video will be released to the net and television. Now will have two special guest apperances on TV, both on Music 24, the Israeli music television. She'll present her video, on 20:00, and on 22:00 she'll participate in a in-studio freestyle session. Hosts will be our great friends Cohen@Mushon.

The same day her video will have its debut net apperance on YNET. We'll upload the video to her Facebook page soon after.

The Video is for the song "Tzarich (Need)". It was directed by the talented Shahar Berlovich.