Some Updates!

Hey all, how's your weekend coming along? Over here for exciting things have happened!

First of is Meri Meselesh Ingedashet's first radio DJ coming fresh from the factory. It's cool, it's hip and it's funky as hell. You can listen to it at Meri's MySpace: We'll start sending it to radio stations after Rosh Ha'Shana… Let's hope it will get the attention it deserves!

Second, finally went for packaging. We got the booklet ready and the CDs, and in a matter of days it will finally be prepared. It took us a lot of work, and this is the final countdown. The website of is also gaining popularity and a shape. If you want to write about the Israeli Punk Rock scene – we need you! Just mail the editor.

<p>MySpace Music</p>
MySpace Music

Third, as part of the global digital music revolution, High Fiber is proud to announce that we are part of the new MySpace Music program. Starting this week, our artists will be paid for the music played on their MySpace profiles. So if you want to support a High Fiber artist – add them to your profiles and playlists. We promise you, it is one of the best things ever happened to us!

And last, but not least, we have finally found a solution for a website calendar. If you are into our events, you can just go to the Concerts & Events section in this website, and get updated and synchronized with your very own Google calendar. We got a lot of things going on so stay tuned.

Nimrod Deck,
Label manager

High Fiber – B Sides,Rarities,and Bonuses – June 2008

Here you go friends, we've uploaded it once, but since we got a new website running, here it is again! Spread the word!,Rarities,

Track List:

1. Lukach VS. The Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood Tribute (102FM Special).
2. Peled & Ortega – Dynamic (Adart Remix).
3. Parvarim Refugeez – Real Gangsa – (Live@Galatz).
4. Elparvaros 100% Cotton – Po Dofkim Ta Bangim (Ori Shochat/Alarm Special).
5. Peled & Ortega – Achushiling Special.
6. Meri Ingadeshet – Laazov Hakol (Live@Reharsal).
7. Ilia Man & Extra G – Mainstream.
8. Peled & Ortega – Bom Remix (Live@Galatz).
9. End/Of – End Of All My Excuses.
10. Lukach VS. Ko-X – Hai Betoch Boua (YNET Mix).
11. Beat69 – Ba'Shana Ha'Baa.
12. Ortega Feat. Blackout – Pashut Mesubach (Sabbo Remix).
13. Ronnel – Mehsamem Li.

Label Manager
High Fiber

Front - B-sides, Rarities & Bonuses - June 2008
Front - B-sides, Rarities & Bonuses - June 2008