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Heya all,

Long time ago, about 4 years ago, High Fiber was just an idea in the minds of Parvarim Refugeez' memebrs. We scouted around the country, looked for ideas, discussed amongst ourselves to see what will be our future releases. The first idea to come in mind was the PR Trooperz, but the second one was a compilation of all the Punk Rock bands operating in Israel. We started to work with a tiny studio named "Rightway Records", with the talented Noam as chief recording engieneer and producer. But due to inexperience and lack of luck, the hard drive of the studio got burned and all the songs but one were deleted with no recovery possible.
Four years have passed since, and about half a year ago, in the advice of Ophir Kindler of Dice Marketing, I approached Yotam Ben Horin and offered him to edit such a compilation. He agreed, and there we were. On the road again with a Punk Rock compilation in the making.

It's kind of a big thing for us here in High Fiber. The compilation is a dream long sought for. Yotam managed to get 14 bands to participate, we managed to give the songs a top notch treat. To my joy and bliss, we also managed to close a physical distribution deal in Japan. So far, the local Israeli media is supporting us, and we also managed to close four radio broadcasts about Israeli Punk Rock and in specific.

September 24th, 23:00 – 102 FM, Leon Feldman with Cuban B (

September 28th, 23:00 – 91.8 FM, Ha'Katze, Quami De La Fox with an Israeli Punk Rock Special

October 1st, 23:00 – 102 FM, Leon Feldman with an Israeli Punk Rock Special

October 2nd, 2:00 – 102 FM, Or Barnea with and Isareli Punk Rock night! Three hours of Israeli Punk Rock !

If that's not all, one the most desired goals for us was also to launch the website – a portal for the Isareli Punk Rock scene. For all the kids we've seen coming to Man Alive's and Beat69's concerts, who like Punk Rock but do not know how to get more information about the scene, the bands, concerts and etc. So far it is running by the label's personnal, and we hope that more writers will join our mission.

Hope to see you all in the compilation's release concert on October 4th. On the roster: Kill The Drive, This Means You, Got No Shame, Beat69, Man Alive. Admission is 60 NIS and the compilation is included in the price.



Label Manager