New Remix By Falafel Crunk (of Shitty CT's Crew)

Yan, lead MC of Shitty CT, has decided to start releasing his very own remixes. Combining Hip Hop, mostly Crunk influences, he brought a new edge to old songs.

So have fun d/l it all and spreading it forward to where ever possible. – Ding Dong remix – Pashut Mesubach remix

And a link to his myspace:

Check out Arak Ayalim song, label's favorite, a touching story about a Russian dude who gives up on Vodka over Arak.

Yan / Flafel Crunk
Yan / Falafel Crunk

Cabinet #2 – Fresh net compilation and an evening for ya' all!

Yes! It is here! The second cabinet night! On one stage – the new wave of Israeli Hip Hop, the Cabinet: Peled & Ortega, Cohen@Mushon and Axum. Host MC: Lukach. On the decks: DJ Alarm, DJ Mesh, DJ Walter.
But why should we blurb when we got a fresh new net compilation with tracks of all the MCs and groups associeted with the Cabinet?
It can be downloaded here:
Here is the tracklist:
01 – Ma Ata Omer

Lukach In a New Freestyle For You All To Download & and Update

Our very own Lukach has recently recorded a freestyle with Saga (young talented MCs and producers here in Israel) and with two other unique voices: Nechi Nech, who also operates as Lukach's support mic, and Soul-J, one of the best Ragga singers in Israel. Here a home brewed freestyle session for all of you.

You can listen to it here:

or download it here

If you wondered what's on with Lukach – we are currently working on booking the winter tour. Lukach is also about to release his "Beit Ha'Pancake" radio DJ.




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