Noa Faran – Tzarich Remix

Hey all,

We got some delightful three new remixes for you, for Noa's song: Tzarich:

# The Shimi Sonic Remix
a Sexy and unique interpretation from Soulico Crew member, producer Michael Emmeth. see also:

# The Sonic Fingerprint Remix (producer J Isle and guitar player Eran Segal)
a soulful, groovy interpretation. see also:

# Gad Baruch Remix (a.k.a DJ NeckbreakA)
a Funky swing-core interpretation which he referred to as "motivational", from one of the most brilliant brains arround. see also:

So have fun and D/L it over here:

Noa Faran from the Video of Tzarich
Noa Faran from the Video of Tzarich