DJ Mesh First Official Mixtape Is OUT!!!

DJ Mesh, a long time friend of High Fiber, as well as the former DJ of Peled & Ortega, is releasing his first official mixtape. Supported by Skull Candy, DJ Mesh assembled tracks of artists he like and mixed them all to a fresh sizzling mixtape! Among the artists to appear on the mixtape: Cohen@Mushon, Sadyle, and our very own Peled & Ortega with the awesome track (never released officially before) Kung Fu.

You can catch it on the official release party at Comfort 13, Tel Aviv, on which all those who appear on the mixtape will perform as well. Although we are pretty sure it will reach the net pretty soon.

Check out the amazing cover Pilpeled has designed for it.

Mesh Vs. Pilpeled
Mesh Vs. Pilpeled

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