Updates! 23/8/08

Finally, after a long long time, we managed to get everything running perfectly. We got a running news section, got a running store, got a running everything basically. It took time, but thankfully – it's over.
These are interesting times, we are moving to the digital realm, and with each day we can feel the progress. Today the website, last year the digital distribution, it's an amazing world. The more you progress into the digital land you realize that the world is changing, and fast. Sometime I think that if we'll manage to survive these times, nothing could stop High Fiber.

Besides that, the label has some upcoming releases. The one we are most proud of, is "punkrock.co.il" – the new compilation of Israeli Punk Rock bands. Check out www.punkrock.co.il for more details. It's a new portal the label opened for the local Israeli Punk-Rock scene. We worked damn hard on it, and it's good we finally finished it.

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