Lukach & Ko-X – Hai Betoch Bua

Well, our all so talented Lukach has officially released a new song with the glam metal group Ko-X. The song, which is a tribute to Run DMD and Aerosmith, is about living in massive denial. It was made in Purim espically for YNET, the largest news portal in Isarel, and gained 35,000 views over the holiday. You can now watch it or listen to it here: – Scroll down for listening.,7340,L-3521489,00.html – The Video

Photo by Or Barnea/YNET

Photo by Or Barnea/YNET

High Fiber – B Sides,Rarities,and Bonuses – June 2008

Here you go friends, we’ve uploaded it once, but since we got a new website running, here it is again! Spread the word!,Rarities,

Track List:

1. Lukach VS. The Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood Tribute (102FM Special).
2. Peled & Ortega – Dynamic (Adart Remix).
3. Parvarim Refugeez – Real Gangsa – (Live@Galatz).
4. Elparvaros 100% Cotton – Po Dofkim Ta Bangim (Ori Shochat/Alarm Special).
5. Peled & Ortega – Achushiling Special.
6. Meri Ingadeshet – Laazov Hakol (Live@Reharsal).
7. Ilia Man & Extra G – Mainstream.
8. Peled & Ortega – Bom Remix (Live@Galatz).
9. End/Of – End Of All My Excuses.
10. Lukach VS. Ko-X – Hai Betoch Boua (YNET Mix).
11. Beat69 – Ba’Shana Ha’Baa.
12. Ortega Feat. Blackout – Pashut Mesubach (Sabbo Remix).
13. Ronnel – Mehsamem Li.

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High Fiber

Front - B-sides, Rarities & Bonuses - June 2008

Front - B-sides, Rarities & Bonuses - June 2008


Last night we had the first Cabinet night at the Barzilay venue in Tel Aviv. You probably wonder what is a Cabinet night. Well, several months ago we came to realize after much discussions, that Peled&Ortega and Lukach are in no competition with their brothers in arm Axum and Cohen et Mushon. The later two, are two amazing Dancehall and Hip Hop bands, operating in Tel Aviv as well. Cohen et Mushon had two radio hits lately, and Axum had their share of fame. After a manager meeting (which was quite funny, due to the fact in consisted eating Pizza and drinking beers), we decided to arrange the Cabinet nights, where all MCs join forces together for several amazing Hip Hop concerts. Strangely enough, the Barzilay has offered us doing the same thing around the same time, and we figured – heck, why not! So last night was the first night, and clearly – it was not the last.

The roof went sky high, the acts were superb. Several hundred peoples shouted the lyrics, danced and gave the artists the best of energies. On the decks – top of the line DJs – Peled and Ortega’s DJ Mesh, Ori Shochat and Alarm from 102 FM, Ha’Chibur, and Walter who came to spin for Axum. The opening act were Produx, young MCs who got true fire and passion for Hip Hop. It was really superb evening. We’ll probably post some photos later on.