Peled & Ortega – Special Freestyles from Ha’Chibur 102 FM

Happy weekend ya’ all!!! Here are two freestyles by Peled & Ortega from Ha’Chibur, our good friends at 102FM. This is the leading Hip Hop radio show in Israel for Hip Hop, hosted by DJ Alarm and DJ Ori Shochat.

Peled & Ortega live @ Ha’Chibur 102FM – September 11th, 2008:

Peled & Oretga live @ Ha’Chibur 102 FM – July 12th 2008:

Downloadable Links:

Peled & Ortega

Peled & Ortega

Amili special! Peled & Ortega & Sky & Booskilz!

For the first time ever – High Fiber Productions collabarate with TACT, the local Israeli mainstream Hip Hop label, and create a craaaaazy remix for Lil’ Wayne’s Amili. The idea was brewed in Ori Shochat’s studio “Ori’s Farm” and the result is f**king great!

This remix is offered for you for download here:

Or for listening and downloading at:



From left to right: Booskills, Peled & Ortega and Sky

From left to right: Booskills, Peled & Ortega and Sky

High Fiber – B Sides,Rarities,and Bonuses – June 2008

Here you go friends, we’ve uploaded it once, but since we got a new website running, here it is again! Spread the word!,Rarities,

Track List:

1. Lukach VS. The Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood Tribute (102FM Special).
2. Peled & Ortega – Dynamic (Adart Remix).
3. Parvarim Refugeez – Real Gangsa – (Live@Galatz).
4. Elparvaros 100% Cotton – Po Dofkim Ta Bangim (Ori Shochat/Alarm Special).
5. Peled & Ortega – Achushiling Special.
6. Meri Ingadeshet – Laazov Hakol (Live@Reharsal).
7. Ilia Man & Extra G – Mainstream.
8. Peled & Ortega – Bom Remix (Live@Galatz).
9. End/Of – End Of All My Excuses.
10. Lukach VS. Ko-X – Hai Betoch Boua (YNET Mix).
11. Beat69 – Ba’Shana Ha’Baa.
12. Ortega Feat. Blackout – Pashut Mesubach (Sabbo Remix).
13. Ronnel – Mehsamem Li.

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High Fiber

Front - B-sides, Rarities & Bonuses - June 2008

Front - B-sides, Rarities & Bonuses - June 2008