New Remix By Falafel Crunk (of Shitty CT’s Crew)

Yan, lead MC of Shitty CT, has decided to start releasing his very own remixes. Combining Hip Hop, mostly Crunk influences, he brought a new edge to old songs.

So have fun d/l it all and spreading it forward to where ever possible. – Ding Dong remix – Pashut Mesubach remix

And a link to his myspace:

Check out Arak Ayalim song, label’s favorite, a touching story about a Russian dude who gives up on Vodka over Arak.

Yan / Flafel Crunk

Yan / Falafel Crunk

End/Of Special On High Fiber’s Website!

End/Of, the lo-fi indie project of Parvarim Refugeez ex-member, Gabriel S. Moses, is on the way for quite some time. Gabriel released his debut release “Lowest Fi End/Of The”, and now we give you a whole lotta videos of him LIVE!!!!

The Videos are from his album release concert on Levontin 7. Watch them on the Video Section.

Also we give you the wonderful “End Of The 80s” EP which was recorded all DIY at Gabriel’s house.

End Of The 80s

End Of The 80s - Download Here - Just Click It!

End/Of currently perforim in Berlin under two alaises – one is End/Of and also as the 90

Metro Feat. Peled, Cohen@Mushon, Fishi & Chulo

This one is a banger which TACT released lately as part of 100 years to Tel Aviv events. Peled was invited by the talented MC Metro, to record on this remix for his song Tel Avivi. Beside Peled participated our good friends Cohen@Mushon, Fishi and Chulu.
The result – awesome dance floor banger which we all obviously love.

You can download it over here:

Peled Street Tag

Peled Street Tag